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About CKDI

The Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Initiative (CKDI) is a non-profit society that was formed by local business leaders, the Mayors and key municipal staff to present our region as one economic zone.

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Available Land Inventory

Entrepreneurs, we’ve been waiting for you! CKDI has numerous business opportunities, from an existing selection of commercial and retail space to raw serviced land.

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Our Competitive Advantage

The Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Zone has everything you need to start or grow your business, at a fraction of the cost of almost anywhere else in Canada.

Industry Sectors



Our workforce is socially cohesive and highly motivated. A majority of the population has post-secondary education, with higher levels of accreditation in the trades. The award-winning College of the Rockies, based in Cranbrook, offers a range of trades certifications and University transfer programs. It also has a robust contract learning program for those wanting customized training. Both Cranbrook and Kimberley are among the 4% of Canadians who have fibre optic internet.

Our region is becoming one of the new hot spots for the millennial generation. Property prices are small and lifestyle big.

Established local industries in our region:

Established local industries in our region:

  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Natural resources and value added
  • Alternative energy
  • Clean technology
  • Mobile workers
  • Aviation
  • Life sciences
  • Tourism and ecotourism

By The Numbers

By The Numbers

  • Land: $15,000 per acre for unserviced industrial land}
  • Housing: Average single family detached home is $350,000.
  • Electricity: Between $0.11 – $0.18 KWh.
  • Commercial space: For rent $12.00 – $15.00 per square foot.

From new high-tech upstarts to value added manufacturing or home-based knowledge workers that service global clients, businesses in our region see the benefit of low costs and access to experienced support services.

Both communities have business friendly local governments with elected officials who know what it takes to run successful businesses, and who strive to make business easier. We have competitive industrial property tax rates and incentives to encourage investment.

Did you know? British Columbia has the lowest corporate and personal tax rates in Canada. In 2015, the average personal tax rate was lower in B.C. than in any other province (less than 30% for first $100K income). B.C.’s 11% corporate tax rate is the lowest in Canada.