Established Industries

The Cranbrook – Kimberley region’s fibre optic high-speed internet and excellent cell coverage combined with our highly accessible and logistically strategic location make these long-established local industries perfect candidates for adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and automation to create a competitive advantage.

Wood Products & Manufacturing

The wood industry is an integral part of our region’s economy and history. Here, in the Rocky Mountain Forest District, we are surrounded by 2.6 million hectares of montane forest. The District (headquartered in Cranbrook) offers an annual harvest of over 1.6 million cubic metres. It’s no wonder that one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper chooses to do business here.

More recently, we’ve attracted the attention of Canada’s third largest pulp and paper company. In and around the Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Zone you’ll also find several small- to medium-scale sawmills, supplying lumber to industry-leading companies and local builders.

The Rocky Mountain Forest District is surrounded by 2.6 million hectares of montane forest and offers an annual harvest of over 1.6 million cubic metres. It’s no wonder that one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp, and paper as well as several small to medium scale sawmills, supplying lumber to industry-leading companies and local builders, choose to do business here.

With easy access to a steady supply of wood waste, businesses in the region are in an ideal position to excel in the high growth marketplace for bio-products. What’s more, the region has an abundance of industrial land zoned for manufacturing.

Supported by a stable and diverse agriculture industry, our region offers vast opportunities for entrepreneurs in the biofuel subsector.

Mining & Exploration

Our region is backed by a successful mining industry. In fact, it was prospecting and the promise of wealth that brought people here in the late 1800s.

Five of the world’s top metallurgical coal mines (coal used for steelmaking) are within close proximity to the Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Zone. In addition, there are numerous mineral mines and rock quarries. You’ll also find several artisanal gold operations in the pristine and resource-rich mountains surrounding our two communities.


With competition low and opportunities high, our region is primed for and in demand of heavy equipment repair and manufacturing facilities as well as research and development services, information technology and other support to this flourishing industry.

Our region’s award-winning College of the Rockies boasts a robust heavy mechanic program and a burgeoning heavy equipment operator program. By choosing to do business here and now, you’ll be setting yourself up to benefit from future sector growth.

Logistics & Transport

As the economic hub of southeastern B.C., our region serves a total immediate market of 100,000, with an additional 4.5 million in our neighbouring province. We also serve as a key connection between Canada and its largest trading partner, which is just an hour away.

Major Canadian highways flow directly through our region, making shipping and receiving easier. Trucking support businesses and infrastructure for warehousing and logistics are already in place, with large industrial areas that are in close proximity to downtown businesses and the region’s many power retailers.

Local roadways are set up to flow traffic in and out of our region in the safest and quickest way possible—which means less downtime for your drivers and more profit for your business.

Since our region is a main artery for North America’s second-largest railway, there is potential for easy access to shipping and receiving.

Our international airport sees over 20 flights a day and through three major airlines is located directly between our two communities.

We are in an excellent position to meet the growing needs of B.C. and Canada. The logistical fabric of our region is interwoven with opportunities for your new or expanding warehouse, trucking terminal or depot to thrive.