The research, development and distribution of technology-driven manufacturing is becoming one of our region’s most successful industries. As a fibre-optic gigabit community with high-speed internet rates and reliable mobile coverage suitable for any needs, our area has branded itself an emerging tech hub perfect for digital nomads and established tech companies alike. Our enviable outdoor-oriented lifestyle has brought us a younger demographic and with it, access to a talented workforce with bright new ideas and a strong interest in technological advancement.

In addition to general business incentive programs, B.C. also offers several programs specifically for the technology sector.

Clean Energy

Our region is home to an emerging cleantech industry with various sub-sectors, including solar power, waste-to-energy, cogeneration, and alternative fuels. Our forward thinking community leaders are helping to propel an increasingly supportive ecosystem for businesses finding cleaner and greener ways of doing things. Located in the heart of the world-famous Canadian Rockies, you’ll be reminded of the environment you’re working hard to protect every day. We’re also only an hour away from the world’s largest cleantech export market.

As the sunniest region in B.C. with over 2,191 hours of annual sunshine, there is no better place to be for those interested in harnessing the power of the sun or developing products and services for solar applications.