The Canadian Rockies International Airport (YXC) makes travelling to and from our region a breeze. YXC is only 10 minutes away from Cranbrook and 18 minutes from Kimberley, which means your time will be spent in our region, not getting to it. Over 20 flights from three major airlines depart from YXC daily and because of our fair weather, cancellations are extremely rare.

With direct flights to key Canadian business centres, including Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto as well as international hubs, YXC has further opened our region to commerce, trade, and tourism opportunities and brings in a steady flow of business year-round. Offering stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges, YXC is unofficially and rightfully known as the world’s most beautiful runway.

Airport expansion

Within the past 10 years, more than $10 million has been invested into the airport’s expansion, rehabilitation, and capital projects. This includes a runway extension and terminal expansion done to accommodate larger aircraft from more distant locations. Fifty-two acres right next to the airport have also been rezoned for commercial airport land and development. With ongoing updates, improvements, and expansion opportunities, the potential of the Canadian Rockies International Airport is endless.

  • 2nd fastest growing airport in Canada (2018)
  • 135,000 passengers annually
  • 10-minute drive to Cranbrook
  • $10 million+ invested over 10 years
  • 52 acres available for commercial and industrial airport land development
  • 20+ flights a day
  • 3 major airlines


Connected by two major highways, Highway 95 and Highway 93, our region offers direct access to key destinations in all four directions, including Canada’s chief trading partner.

Situated along a key transportation corridor both internationally and interprovincially, we are a popular stop for long-haul truckers. With a cluster of major trucking firms located within a convenient industrial area and just under 1,000 trucks passing through daily, it has established itself as a regional logistics hub.

5-minute commute

Cranbrook is known to many as the city of the “5-minute commute” due to its accessibility and the fact that traffic is virtually non-existent. Though Cranbrook is considered a car-dependent city, you will often see people walking or cycling to work in the downtown core. The city is also covered by the BC Transit system which spans neighbourhoods and prime business locations.


The Cranbrook – Kimberley region is fortunate to be in a major transportation nodal point where a variety of transportation modes are available to allow cargo to move regionally, interprovincially and internationally. As a central point between many origins and destinations, our region is an attractive place for collection and distribution of goods and services of various industries.

Established as a railway and resource town, Cranbrook has a long history with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Trains travel to and through our region daily from the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan, and other key B.C. locations.