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Advanced manufacturing company looking to expand in Kimberley

Sullivan Machine Works Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, is looking at land availability in Kimberley for an advanced manufacturing facility

Aaron Christensen (L) and Noah Wesche are looking to secure land in Kimberley for their company’s expansion.

Kimberley is on the radar for Calgary, Alberta-based Sullivan Machine Works Inc. Company president Noah Wesche said affordable land development, along with the growing trend of responsible manufacturing and green initiatives, makes the fastest growing city in the Kootenay Rockies an ideal place to start a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Operating in Calgary since 2015, Sullivan Machine Works is a successful advanced manufacturing company that develops precision parts for the aerospace, consumer goods, oil and gas and transportation sectors. Named after the mine that supported Kimberley for 100 years, Sullivan Machine Works already has strong ties to its desired expansion locale.

In fact, both Wesche and his founding business partner, Aaron Christensen, were born and raised in Kimberley. Business opportunities took them away from the region, but thanks to the Internet, Wesche was able to return home where he works remotely to meet most of his current business responsibilities.

“I have an excellent work-life balance,” he said. I’ve travelled for the bulk of my working career and there is no reason for it. I love my community and am very active in it. Living and working (in Kimberley) gives me more time to give back.”

Speaking of giving back, Wesche sees the Sullivan Machine Works expansion to Kimberley as a win-win since it will meet his company’s growing needs while promoting business diversity in Kimberley and generating a significant amount of economic revenue that stays within the community.