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Over half of the CDKI population is presently within the working ages of 20 to 64.

2018 Business Walk: 87% of Cranbrook businesses report positive environment

The 3rd annual Cranbrook Business Walk took place June 19. Within a three-hour blitz, 11 teams of two volunteers canvassed the community, connecting with 104 businesses. A generally positive environment was reported, with 87% of respondents saying business was either “Good” (45%) or “Very Good” (42%).

More than half of the businesses surveyed (54%) said business has increased over the last 12 months. They were also asked to choose from a standardized list what they like most about doing business in Cranbrook.

The results are as follows:

  • Clientele 21.7%
  • Location 19.5%
  • Affordability 12.7%
  • Availability of local services 12.0%
  • Business friendly local government 10.1%
  • Cost of doing business 9.7%
  • Other 7.5%
  • Availability of talented labour 6.7%

The Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce held its first business walk in 2016. It is an economic development program facilitated by way of a partnership between the Chamber and the City of Cranbrook, along with Community Futures East Kootenay and the Economic Development Division of the BC Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.

According to the Chamber, data from the 2018 Business Walk is considered more valuable than in 2016 and 2017 as it provides greater context and trending. The data collected is also used to identify the types of support services needed for business growth.

The No. 1 concern expressed by respondents on the 2018 Business Walk was finding employees, a challenge facing many businesses across Canada.