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Our region’s eastern skyline is dominated by the tallest summit in the southern Rocky Mountains, namely Fisher Peak.

Major industrial land deal closes in Cranbrook

The City of Cranbrook is working hard to accommodate the interest and needs of investors to the Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Zone.

A party has expressed interest in leasing the existing buildings on the former Tembec lands.
– City of Cranbrook photo

Last month, the City announced its acquisition of 100 acres of industrial zoned land. Most of this parcel, which was previously owned by Tembec and formerly the site of a finger joint plant, is also fully serviced with natural gas, water, power and rail access. According to Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt, the property will be leased to interested parties.

Six regional and national companies have already expressed interest. The Vancouver-based MGX Minerals is one of them. MGX would likely process their product in Cranbrook and then ship to markets, taking advantage of the City’s location on key transportation corridors.

Speaking of transportation, Pratt said the City is also looking to facilitate the development of a major truck stop on the former Tembec lands, along with a new logistic route that would link Industrial Rd. No. 1, Slater Road and Cobham Avenue. Pratt said this would help ease traffic flow on the main Strip and be better suited for the some 500 transport trucks that pass through Cranbrook every 24 hours.

Until now, Cranbrook’s industrial land availability has been tight, but with this newly acquired parcel, there is opportunity for multiple developments to occur in one strategic location.

“They can build what they need for their business on it,” said Pratt. “And if other zoning is required, we can accommodate.”

A goal of this acquisition is to help create jobs for residents, tradespeople in particular, who currently work outside of the region.

“If the job was here, a lot of them would rather stay home,” said Pratt, adding that the trades program at College of the Rockies will further aid in ensuring there is a steady stream of workers for future employers.

For more information, contact Lee Pratt at 1-250-426-0403 or [email protected].