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Over half of the CDKI population is presently within the working ages of 20 to 64.

Kimberley reports strong start for housing construction in 2019

Kimberley, B.C., is reporting a very strong start to the year for new housing construction. Eighteen new dwellings have been issued building permits by the City in the first three months of 2019, compared to only two permits issued in the same period last year.

Kimberley’s mayor Don McCormick said 12 of those permits come from the ongoing $2.5-million Church Avenue housing development, which has been in the works for several years.

“Some of the multi-unit residential that started last year are now starting to get permits,” said McCormick. “It’s come to the permitting stage. We are going to have a substantially better year on the dwellings created this year because of three or four of those multi-unit residential dwellings.”

Last year saw 37 dwellings developed in Kimberley and 42 units were on the books for 2017. McCormick said  there are 64 new dwellings on the books for their year already.

“We’re also still experiencing strong permitting on the single-family dwelling side as well, so we are expecting to have a really good year this year and hopefully relieve some of the stress out there with regard to housing accommodation,” said McCormick.

Kimberley recently formed a new committee focused on increasing housing supply and keeping homes affordable in the community. McCormick is hopeful new housing projects can bolster the supply of resale and rental in the community.

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