Did You Know?

We have a proud 120-year history: Kimberley was started in 1896 and Cranbrook in 1898.

When your water source is the Canadian Rockies and the Purcell Mountains, it’s only natural to expect exceptional quality. The City of Cranbrook obtains its water from Joseph Creek and Gold Creek, which is diverted into the Phillips Reservoir 4.5 kilometres southeast of Cranbrook. The reservoir holds approximately 2.3 billion litres of water, which settles in the reservoir before it is transferred to the treatment facility.

The max. quantity of water that may be diverted based on the City’s licenses for domestic use is 11,847,000 imperial gallons per day (623 L/s).

The City of Kimberley obtains its water from Mark Creek and Matthew Creek. From there, it flows into a 275-million litre reservoir on Mark Creek, which is just upstream from the city. The water for Marysville is drawn from a direct inlet in nearby Matthew Creek.

The City of Cranbrook has an award-winning wastewater treatment facility that treats effluent using aerated ponds and UV disinfection. The water is then used to irrigate forage land for livestock and maintain a waterfowl nesting wetland.