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People want to live here: between our two communities, we had a 15.4% growth in the population from 2011 to 2016.

Logistics and Transportation

Freight is big business in our region. As the economic hub of southeastern B.C., our region serves a total immediate market of 100,000, with an additional 4.5 million in our neighbouring province. We also serve as a key connection between Canada and its largest trading partner, which is just an hour away.

Major Canadian highways flow directly through our region, making shipping and receiving easier. Trucking support businesses and infrastructure for warehousing and logistics are already in place, with large industrial areas that are in close proximity to downtown businesses and the region’s many power retailers.

You don’t need to go through busy downtown areas, however, to get trucks to where they are going as local roadways are set up to flow traffic in and out of our region in the safest and quickest way possible—which means less downtime for your drivers and more profit for your business.

Since our region is a main artery for North America’s second largest railway, there is potential for easy access to shipping and receiving. Directly between our two communities is an international airport.

Our economic climate is stable and its been that way for over a century.

Can you see your business growing here? We can, and here are a few other reasons why:

  • Workforce: The Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Zone is home to a skilled and well-educated workforce, with truck driver training readily accessible through the Cranbrook-based College of the Rockies.
  • Demand: Competition in this sector is low but demand is high, with numerous auto, construction and niche companies operating in our region that need parts, tools and supplies yesterday.
  • Cost: British Columbia has the lowest corporate and personal tax rates in Canada. Our region’s operating costs are significantly less than other more densely populated areas of B.C.
  • Location: You’ll find tons of inexpensive property that is already zoned for manufacturing.

We are in an excellent position to meet the growing needs of B.C. and Canada. The logistical fabric of our region is interwoven with opportunities for your new or expanding warehouse, trucking terminal or depot to thrive.

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